Seattle Food Tech Unveils Mission to “Catapult Meat Alternative Production Toward Price Parity with Animal-Based Meat”

Source: Food Navigator
Author: Elaine Watson

Big institutions (schools, hospitals, colleges) buy processed meat products such as chicken nuggets because they’re familiar, convenient and affordable, says Seattle Food Tech So if you can offer a plant-based alternative that tastes the same, looks the same, cooks the same, and costs the same – and it’s better for your health and the environment – why wouldn’t they switch?”

The aim, says founder and CEO Christie Lagally, a mechanical engineer and former senior scientist at the Good Food Institute, is to “catapult meat alternative production toward price parity with animal-based meat” ​so everyone, in schools, hospitals and corporate cafeterias, can enjoy it.

“We’ve been commercially manufacturing plant-based meat replacements for more than a hundred years but the industry as a whole still lacks scale and efficiency,” ​added Lagally, who has just joined the speaker lineup at FoodNavigator-USA’s FOOD FOR KIDS summit​ in Chicago this November.

“The meat industry has really innovated around production technology, but plant-based brands have focused more on making their products palatable and functional and some of them have done a really great job in recent years, but how do we make it scalable? What are the facility designs and production tools to make these products at scale, more efficiently? “