Do Right. Bite by Bite.

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland



The current food system is causing devastating damage to our planet. And Mosa Meat believes that a new, sustainable approach to growing food is one of the best ways to turn the tide. Based in Maastricht, this diverse team of scientists, engineers, food-lovers and problem-solvers are all united in one common mission: to fundamentally reshape the global food system.


Planted strives for a better world – one tasty bite at a time.

The Swiss ETH Spin-off, founded in 2019 by Co-Founders Pascal Bieri, Lukas Böni, Christoph Jenny and Eric Stirnemann, has committed itself to nothing less than starting a revolution with its delicious plant-based meat proteins. With an unprecedented closeness to conventional meat in terms of taste and texture. Planted is committed to using only 100% natural ingredients and no additives in all its products – making it a truly healthy and better option for all.

The Planted product ranges, each consisting of different protein sources include: planted.™ chicken, planted.™ pulled and planted.™ kebab. But rest assured the dedicated Science team is hungry for change and working hard to revolutionize the food chain in its newly built factory and research labs in Switzerland.

Chris Jenny Founder Planted

Chris Jenny



Lukas Böni Founder

Lukas Böni


Pascal Bieri Founder

Pascal Bieri



Eric Strinemann Founder

Eric Strinemann



  • Redefining meat: 100% plant-based and clean.
  • Delicious taste without compromise
  • Positive impact on climate change: Reduction of GHG-Emissions, water- and land use.
  • Animal welfare: Meat is grown not butchered.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: