Mosa Meat

Pioneering a cleaner, kinder way to feed the world

Headquarters: Maastrich, NL



The current food system is causing devastating damage to our planet. And Mosa Meat believes that a new, sustainable approach to growing food is one of the best ways to turn the tide. Based in Maastricht, this diverse team of scientists, engineers, food-lovers and problem-solvers are all united in one common mission: to fundamentally reshape the global food system.


Mosa Meat is a European food technology company pioneering a cleaner, kinder way of feeding the world. They do it by harnessing the same natural processes responsible for muscle growth in a cow to produce the same beef that people love, but that’s kinder to animals, better for the environment, and safer to eat. With a sesame-seed sized sample of fresh beef, Mosa Meat can produce 80,000 hamburgers – while the cow lives happily ever after. Having created the world’s first cultivated meat in 2013, they are now setting the dining table of the future. Pull up a chair.

Maarten Bosch CEO

Maarten Bosch


Peter Verstrate COO

Peter Verstrate


Mark Post

Prof. Mark Post



  • Mosa Meat’s beef offers consumers a chance to make a meaningful change, without giving up what they love
  • Sustainable production: at scale, cultivated beef could save up to 96% of greenhouse gas emissions, 99% of land and 96% of water compared to livestock farming (Source: Tuomisto et al, Environmental Impacts of Cultured Meat Production, Environmental Science & Technology, 2011)
  • Safe production: removing animals from the meat production process, Mosa Meat reduces risks like contamination during slaughter, zoonotic diseases, and antimicrobial resistance.
  • Humane production: replacing meat with meat, billions of animals can be saved from slaughter

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: