Mia & Ben

Fresh super food for kids

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany


Making kids’ food super is what drives us. (Super means better, super means less processed, super means utilising the latest food science). We believe in creating healthier, tastier products through research and a massive pinch of fun!


Every journey begins with a bowl of soup – or at least ours did. In our soup restaurant in Soho, London, Mia and Bern started to think about why you can buy fresh soup, but you can’t buy fresh kids’ food in the same way – convenient, nutritious and fresh from the fridge. And so Mia & Ben was born. 

They want to create a movement that inspires parents to demand that their kids’ food is better. They do this by utilising cutting-edge food science and a team of researchers to keep all of the ingredients fresh, nutritious and most importantly, delicious… All that is a mouthful, so Mia & Ben call it Superfreshalicious!

Daniel Auner


Karina Gentgen



  • Healthier, fresher and more natural products through minimised processing
  • Impacting healthy choices and the development of taste buds from early on
  • Achieving optimised nutrition and product development through latest innovations in food science with the aim of increasing the number of plant-based alternatives in the infant food space

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: