Human Food

Organic daily nutrition bar

Headquarters: Tenby, Pembrokeshire, UK


Human Food has been developed for a healthier, more reasonable, more sustainable future. They make Organic Daily Nutrition Bars, specifically formulated to support a plant-based diet, but that are good for anybody.


Human Food has been developed by food and health experts over a 4 year period, and is now available to the public following 2018th hugely successful Kickstarter campaign – The most funded vegan product in the world, of all time. Human Food has been endorsed by respected medical experts and well-known professional sportspeople.

Human Food bars contain essential nutrients that can be difficult to obtain from a plant-based diet, including 100% RI Vitamin B12, at least 50% RI of Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Omega 3, plus over 12 grams of protein. Each bar also contains whole daily amounts of functional ingredients, including Ginseng, Maca and Cacao, which have been clinically proven to support long-term health and well-being. Human Food is 100% ‘clean label’, being made of only organic whole foods and whole food extracts, and containing no artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavourings, no added sugar, no soy, no GMOS and no synthetic nutrients. Human Food is a subscription service, using only biodegradable packaging and delivering by carbon-neutral courier, all over the world.

Ky Wright

CEO & Founder


  • Makes it easy to maintain an optimal diet
  • Nutritionally complete, plant-based, organic and functional
  • Using only biodegradable packaging
  • Delivering by carbon-neutral courier all over the world

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: