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Headquarters: Granollers, Barcelona, Spain


CUBIQ FOODS is developing a technological platform using culture cells and techniques of oil/water emulsions gelling to produce oils rich in omega-3 and fat replacers for saturated vegetable and animal fats, as ingredients of food products.

It is the first company focused on this type of food applications and aims to lead the omega-3 incorporation in a variety of food products and the replacement of coconut oil in plant-based products globally. It will partner with large food producers to make this vision a reality.


We lead in the future of nutrition via three distinct processes; a novel oil/water emulsion, omega-3 micro-encapsulation techniques, and the first cell-culture platform for specialty fats (cell-based Omega-3). The company evolves natural ingredients into customized solutions for a wide range of food-producing partners. Our innovative platforms can tune for hardness, texture, and flavor as well as fat content in bespoke product applications.

We produce and sell at scale to European customers and license production to larger producers worldwide. We also run the first cell-culture platform for specialty fats (cell-based Omega-3) to produce high-quality omega-3’s in a sustainable, scalable way.

Our vision extends to the development of vegan cheese and yogurt formulas by replacing coconut oil and introducing fermentation. Sustainable, healthy ingredients are integral to our solutions; the creative Cubiq Foods teams have extensive R&D facilities set up, ready to collaborate with traditional processed-food producers, plant-based innovators, and other future-food entrepreneurs.

Go!Drop is a structured vegetable oil and water emulsion to swap out for palm oil or coconut oil. It not only reduces total fats by 40% but also contains 60% less saturated fats. Go!Drop is strong on delivery for both taste and texture in a wide range of applications. Significantly, this can help to improve the nutritional profile (Nutri-Score) of processed foods, and achieve ‘clean label’ profiles.

Go!Mega3 is a micro-encapsulated Algae oil Omega-3 (DHA+EPA) that guarantees the correct healthy absorption without altering the original flavor of the food product. Go!Mega3 delivers a complete 250mg recommended daily dose for enhanced health at any age.

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  • Saves marine life avoiding over-fishing as source of Go!Mega3
  • Develops a sustainable and scalable cell-based source of DHA or EPA Go!Mega3 for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Go!Mega3 oil to be incorporated into foods products at an accessible cost
  • Produces solid healthy vegetal oils for food applications as the best coconut fat or animal fat replacer in plant-based, dairy and meat products
  • Go!Drop is produced near or at the customer site, to minimizes carbon footprint and packaging

UN Sustainable Development Goals

This company fulfills the following UN SDGs: